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The West end of Edmonton has always been popular with affluent families and executives. Located within the city limits and generally considered to be bounded by 170th Street on the east, Anthony Henday Drive on the west, 100th Avenue to the north and Whitemud Drive in the south. This quadrant is the location of a number of residential communities and city amenities.

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West Edmonton Community Amenities & Features:

The West Edmonton area is well kept and features a number of city parks and natural landscaping that gives the section an easy and open feel. The proximity to shopping, entertainment, public transit, and dining is largely attractive to current and new inhabitants. Communities within West Edmonton include Aldergrove, Belmead, La Perle, Summerlea, Terra Losa, and Thorncliffe. These are all smaller residential areas that border on major roadways and businesses, which offers residents a variety of leisure and recreational pursuits, as well as the ease to access the rest of the greater Edmonton area.

West Edmonton developed as part of the expansion of the city from trading, transport, and industrial pursuits such as drilling for oil. This suburb started in the early 1900's and became more built up through the 1950's to 1970's. As railways extended further west and Edmonton became a major exporter of resources for the country, families began to settle in this area as a demand for laborers continued.

West Edmonton was initially a smaller settlement outside of the original city limits, but became a part of the urban design as it was incorporated in the 1950's. Much of the land had been used for agriculture, and the preservation of natural features throughout this area is a tribute to that history. However, the economic expansion of the city is also deeply linked to West Edmonton. After the collapse of oil prices in the mid 1980's, workers in this area found the need to access their entrepreneurial spirit.

One tribute to this ingenuity is the West Edmonton Mall, which was established in the early 1980's by two Iranian immigrants. This mall has since become the largest in North America, and includes a water park, amusement rides, and an indoor hockey rink that has hosted the Edmonton Oilers. Along with all of these recreations, the mall is also a shopping center with local and chain stores throughout the 32 hectares it covers. While the West Edmonton Mall serves practical needs for the community, it is also a visitor attraction and was once billed as the eights wonder of the world.

This creative development still carries over into the neighborhoods throughout West Edmonton. Each community takes pride in the strengths and diversity of its residents and celebrates this through unique landscape structures and events that take place throughout the year. West Edmonton is consider a very safe suburb, and is also thought of as a fun place to live and to visit. The qualities of expansion, trade, and self expression that helped to shape this area over time still show through, and residents truly love the communities that have embraced them.