Sweet Sale vs Other Options

Only Sweetly assists with the entire buying and selling process by actually buying your current home at market value, handling all the ownership costs for the home you’ll sell, and even investing our own money to make your home show its best and sell for the most!

BenefitHome SwapSweet SaleEquity Advance
Skip public showings. Nope
Choose your own moving day.   Not likely
Up to $25,000 in improvements.   Ha! No chance
Interest free (1) equity advance.   Ya, right
Get 75% of market value on moveout day, balance on resale.   No
No ownership costs once you move.   No way!
Firm sale commitment within days.   Hardly ever
Commission (2) 7/3 (2) 0 0 $$$$$
Service Fee 0 6.75% 0 0
(1) Equity advance is interest free for 60 days and 5.9% thereafter
(2) Commissions are fully negotiable by law and not set by any industry association. 7% of $100,000 plus 3% of the balance of sale price ins the most common commission rate in Edmonton based on our research.
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Please tell us about the home you want to sell. We are currently buying single family homes in all major communities within Alberta valued from $200,000 to $800,000.