Old Fashioned Real Estate

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A New Take on the Old Classic

At Sweetly, we believe the real estate industry is in need of serious innovation. Your phone, your car, and your business all use the latest technology, why doesn’t your REALTOR®? Sweetly offers the traditional services, and exclusive, creative solutions to make your process easier. You remain in control and even get to switch from one of our models to any other. If you’re ready to skip the hassle of Open Houses and unnecessary ownership costs, we can offer a solution that others cannot.

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We Work Harder For Your Listing

Does your REALTOR® have access to every service available to help in your situation? Or are they relying on brand-name recognition, trying to fit ‘you’ into ‘their’ model, staying top of mind with regular mail-out calendars and apple pie recipe flyers? Getting your listing is highly desirable for a REALTOR®, so they should be prepared to offer you any means possible to sell your home. Instead of calling the first name you see on a bus bench, hire a professional who understands your goals and can recommend a process for you. Sweetly Associates are all fully-licensed REALTOR®s who want to simplify the process so you can get back to the things that matter most.

Guaranteed Sale Programs

Our Sweet Sale service isn’t the same as a Guaranteed Sale program. When REALTOR®s offer a Guaranteed Sale, advertising to "sell your home in 90 days or I’ll buy it”, these REALTOR®s don't want to buy your home—they want to list it and earn a commission before the brokerage buys it at a discount. You deserve better: Sweetly won’t accept any offer below market value. No fine print, no catch, no hidden terms. Only Sweetly buys and resells your home on a model that’s built to deliver you ALL of your equity, without any public showings, and retaining the freedom to choose your own moving date, while enjoying your home your way until you move out.

The Future is Now!

Sweetly is disrupting the status quo with revolutionary new models designed to help homeowners sell without all the showings, the freedome to choose their own moving day, and net top dollar from an open market sale of their property - without calendars or recipes.

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Get Started! It only takes a few minutes!