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Skip showings and seller pains. Choose your own moving day!

How it Works:

Simple. Certain. Easy. Here's how:

It starts with an appraisal to determine the current value of your home. Get 90% of current value, and move on the day you choose! We'll sell the property at a price you agree to, deduct our fee, and pay the Full Balance of the actual re-sale price back to you! Even if it's more than the appraisal! Our fee is 7% on $100,000 plus 3% on the balance which is the same as our traditial real estate commission. The difference isn't in our fee, it's in your experience. Skip the showings, hassles, fix-ups. Choose your day and move on your schedule. Easy. This product is available to customers who sell and buy with Sweetly.

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Get Started! It only takes a few minutes!

Why Choose a Swift Sale?


  • With a Swift Sale, we buy your home! 
  • Make compelling offers on your next home knowing your current home is SOLD!
  • You'll have a firm price and fixed closing day (that you choose) within days.

Skip ALL Public Showings

  • When you sell your home to Sweetly, you SKIP all the hassles of being for sale.
  • There's no need for you to list your home or keep things "show ready".
  • The price we pay is net to you - no hidden fees or commissions apply.

Choose your own moving day

  • Select the moving day that works best for you, aligned with whatever is next.
  • Changes to your moving day are no charge and hassle-free.
  • No need to negotiate the sale price VS the closing day - like a traditional listing/selling process.
Get Started
Get Started! It only takes a few minutes!

Swift Sale Questions and Answers

What is Sweetly?
Sweetly is a blend of real estate, finance and technology. We use our money to make your process easier and less risky. 
Why would I consider a Swift Sale?
With a Swift Sale, you get to skip all the showings, home fix-ups and seller pains that come from having a home listed for sale. You net the same money based on a traditional commission of 7% of $100,000 plus 3% on the balance of sale price.
What's the cost of a Swift Sale?
Our Swift Sale fee is 7% of $100,000 plus 3% of the balance of the sale price. 
What's the catch?
There's really no catch! Sometimes people think our appraiser is 'on our side' and might provide a low estimate, but that would be a breach of their professional obligation; and besides, consumers are so informed that if we were lowball buyers nobody would ever sell us their house!
Is the Swift Sale Program available to me if I'm already listed with another REALTOR®?
Yes, you can consider our offer through your current listing brokerage. Any commissions payable under a current listing agreement should be considered.
Who controls the asking/sale price once Sweetly puts the house for sale?
We ask the appraised value, or sometimes slightly more. The sale price is negotiated with a buyer, and only a buyer will decide how far they're willing to go - just like any other sale, our resale is always market price - decided by the market. 
What happens if you can't sell the property for more than you paid?
That's our risk. We don't win on every deal we do, and that's just a part of our business model.
What happens if you resell the property for way more than you expected?
Sometimes a sale can be competitive between 2 or more different buyers and the resulting sale price will exceed the asking price. So, if we resell the property for anything more than the appraisal, you get that overage too!
Can Sweetly help me buy my next home before I sell my current home?
Yes, Sweetly is a full-service brokerage. We'd be happy to activate a free homes search based on your buying criteria. We'll show you any home for sale and when you find the right one we'll help you make an informed offer by showing you what the home last sold for (if available) and the recent comparable sales for the area to help you make good real estate decisions. Once you have a firm purchase Sweetly will buy your current home on the date that makes the most sense for you!
How fast will I receive my offer?
We set a fair price by having your home appraised by a bank-certified appraiser. Our offer can be provided the same day we see the appraisal.
Do I get to choose my own closing date?
Yes, you get to choose a date that works for you which is materially different than selling your home to a traditional buyer that may need the home on a date that works for them.
Is the offer I get subject to commissions?
No. You don't pay commissions when you sell to us. We make our money from the service fee we charge against the resale which includes commission. IF YOUR HOME IS LISTED WITH ANY OTHER BROKERAGE you can still get our offer, but only through your current brokerage.
How do the improvements I made affect the value of my home?
Improvements, additions and renovations are important factors for us to consider when determining the current value of your home as compared to others for sale or sold. Please tell us about them and include as many pictures as possible.
Where are you currently buying homes?
We are currently buying homes in Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, and other major centers in Alberta.
What types of homes are you buying?
We’re currently interested in buying single-family homes of 850 square feet or more, with 2 or more bedrooms above grade. The homes we buy must have a value of $200,000 and up. Some exceptions can be made and all deals are carefully considered.
What types of homes will you absolutely NOT buy?
Homes we buy must be vacant on possession date. We won't assume any tenancies. We can't buy any homes that require significant work such as foundation problems, etc.. We do not buy mobile homes or another type of property that doesn't include title to land or a city lot. We have purchased some condo's but they aren't really our main focus at this time.
Is this a Guaranteed Sale program?
NO! A Guaranteed Sale is a gimmick some agents use to get your listing. Sweetly provides a clean offer and an actual sale - NO LISTING required. Guaranteed Sale programs require you to list the home, tolerate showings, and live through all the traditional seller pains; then if the brokerage buys the home and resells it for more they keep the profit. That's not Sweetly.
Should I include photos of my home?
YES! We consider every home carefully and photos help us understand the condition and unique appeal of your home. Send photos!
Does your offer expire?
Our offer is valid for however long you want, but stale-dated offers will be re-visited to ensure we are paying current value, and where the market has shifted substantially, we may just withdraw a stale offer.
How long will the selling process take?
We can move as fast as you need us to. Typically we need about 10 days to do our inspection of the home and finalize our commitment to you. We can move faster if necessary. You'll get your first payment on the possession date you choose.
What happens to my house after you buy it?
We’ll do any improvements needed (which you agree to in advance) to ensure the home shows its best and sells for maximum value. We take photos and measurements, introduce the home to the buying public, post the home on the MLS®, hold open houses, book showings, deal with agents, buyers, inspectors and appraisers. We negotiate with buyers and re-sell the home on the open market. Basically, we do all the work, pay for all the holding costs and handle all the stress associated with selling a house.
Is my information secure?
Yes, we don't discuss or disclose your reasons for moving, nor will we disclose your home selling price until after a firm (unconditional) commitment is received. We may share your contact information with other top agents in your community to reassure you that our offer is at current market value. You're under no obligation to anyone and you may proceed with your sale as you see fit.
How do you determine the price you'll pay?
Our offer is based on the appraisal value as provided by a licensed bank-certified appraiser. We pay 90% of appraisal on the day you choose. Once we resell the home on the open market you'll get a second payment for the full balance of the resale price, less our commission.
How does my offer compare to actual market value?
Our offer is based on the appraised value which is normally very close to actual market value. We pay 90% of appraisal on the day you choose. Once we resell the home on the open market you'll get a second payment for the full balance of the resale price, less our commission.
Do you negotiate on your offer price?
Yes, If you feel like we've missed something about your home that makes it worth more than our offer price please bring that to our attention, we'd be happy to revisit our offer.
Can I change the possession date after we sign?
Yes, it doesn't matter to us when we close so if you need more time just let us know and we can make that change.
Will you want to see my house in person?
Yes, we most often visit the houses we buy at the time of our home inspection.
Who does the inspection on my home?
We use certified home inspectors.
What happens if the inspector finds problems in my home?
Don't worry. We are not a nervous buyer. Home inspections most often (actually always) yield some kind of deficiency or maintenance requirement. Once we know what those are we'll review them with you and discuss possible remedies (if needed). If there's something seriously wrong with your home (like a faulty foundation) we'll likely need to pass on buying your home as we simply don't have the resources to deal with substantial issues of that sort.
When will I need to move out of my house?
You'll need to provide clean, vacant possession on the closing day of your choosing.
Can I take any appliances?
Yes, but please note that all of the appliances (Chattels) listed on the contract need to stay with the home. These will normally include the Fridge, Stove, Hood fan, Washer and Dryer, Window coverings, Garage door opener and remotes, built-in speaker systems, closet organizers, etc. If any of these items are important for you to take with you, you'll need to ensure they are not included in the sale.
What if I have more questions?
Call us! Our number is 780-477-9338.