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The greater area of Northwest Edmonton refers to a collection of communities in this area excluding Castledowns. This suburb occupies close to 80 square kilometers and includes residential, industrial, and preserve lands. A number of neighborhoods accommodate the city's growing population and also allow residents to live in more rural and suburban environments while still being in close proximity the downtown business and academic districts.

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Northwest Edmonton has rich cultural and historic roots, and much of this area is still seeing development into the present day. The distinct communities within this district include: Athlone, Calder, Kensington, Lauderdale, Rosslyn, Wellington, Albany Baranow, Caernarvon, Carlisle, Carlton, Cumberland, Griesbach, Hudson, Oxford, and Pembina. While some of these subdivisions are on lands that have been incorporated with Edmonton since the early 1900's, many of the sectors are more recently developed to offer good living and working space for the city's strong influx of inhabitants.

Many of the land in Northwest Edmonton were either rail line holdings, or private lands that had great agricultural use and a trading legacy. The Grand Trunk Railway played a large part in the development of the southern communities in this suburb, and industrial lands still bound parts of the area. The farming communities that covered some of the more recently purchased space started with traders and homesteaders in the mid 1800's. As the industry of the area changed, many of the properties were converted or simply left unused.

Recent expansion in Northwest Edmonton includes integrations that took place in the 1990's. Some of the communities have ongoing construction, but are still well established with active community leagues which ensure that land use includes recreational facilities and public access points. The region is close to a number of major highways that connect with the city, and public transportation through bus lines is quite good.

The neighborhoods within Northwest Edmonton have been planned to be very family friendly. This includes not only a safe environment with natural scenery, but also a strong educational system. Edmonton Public Schools and Catholic Schools are available throughout the area, but other learning facilities are also being expanded. Some of the institutions for this sector include St. Timothy Catholic School, the Katherine Therrien School, and the Elizabeth Finch Elementary and Junior High.

Residents of Northwest Edmonton may be employed within the city area, but many inhabitants also work closer to home. This included fabrication and shipping in the nearby industrial sections, as well as retail, finance, healthcare, and academics within the greater suburb. Some agricultural and forestry jobs are also strong for Northwest Edmonton, and construction work in this section is another large source of employment.

One of the great attractions for Northwest Edmonton is the rural feel. Many outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the parklands of their neighborhoods for sports and gathering, and local community leagues host events and activities for further recreation. The Victoria Soccer Club is a popular spot for leisure, and the Twin Willows Golf Course is also situated to the west. Commercial zones provide large shopping centres where residents can enjoy the cinema and dining out.