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The greater Northgate area is a part of the Northeast Edmonton region, and is comprised of a number of established communities that are just outside of the city limits. Many of these areas have a history that traces back to the beginning of the 1900's and this section has served as residential, industrial, and agricultural holdings over the years.

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Northgate Community Amenities & Features:

As population expansion in Edmonton continues, the Northgate section has also experienced an influx of people and revitalization for these communities drives benefits for the metropolitan hub. Northgate represents an historically significant and culturally strong segment of the Edmonton area.

Within Northgate, many of the neighborhoods have experienced changes with progress in both industry and urban planning. Most of the subdivisions are suburban residential allotments with some commercial and institutional usage. The smaller areas within Northgate include Balwin, Belvedere, Casselman, Delwood, Evansdale, Glengarry, Kildare, Kilkenny, Killarney, Mcleod, Miller, Northmount, and York. The development of many of these areas has a more recent start and this has continued over several decades, although all of the communities in Northgate are considered to be established. The range of variations in housing styles is a testament to this ongoing progress.

The Northgate area that is closest to the outskirts of Edmonton have strong ties with industry. These lands were used as part of the expansion of the rail lines, but were also a thriving meat packing district in the early to mid part of the 1900's. Families started to settle into a more residential pattern as this business became integral to Edmonton's economy, and small suburbs began to spring up around the plants.

In the 1960's., much of Northgate saw large amounts of construction. This includes the first town homes in York, as well as the further urbanization of many of the neighborhoods. A large part of the regional plan was to create family friendly living spaces that also provided outdoor recreations and a more peaceful environment. Most of the Northgate communities feature a central park and have a street plan that circles this open space. This also creates pedestrian friendly developments that are bounded by major roads, but have less internal through traffic.

As Northgate was further developed, the creation of a comprehensive educational system was also needed. Edmonton Public Schools serve the district, but private institutions are also an option. Some of the local facilities include Cardinal Legere School, St. Anne's School, Londonderry Jr. High, and St. Dominic's School. For continuing and adult education, a CDI campus is to be found in this section too.

Northgate has good proximity to Edmonton for commuters, and the Clareview Station LRT is also highly accessible for the area. Although many residents in Northgate will commute to the city, many also work locally. Common employment for this district includes healthcare, retail, educational fields, and construction, but newer enterprises are continually surfacing in the commercial areas. Active community leagues within the neighborhoods will organize events and activities, including skating at local rinks, swimming, sporting events, and seasonal festivals. Much of the recreation is designed to be family oriented, which is part of what makes Northgate attractive to residents.