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The area considered by most to be the greater Northeast Edmonton area is technically any lands that are north of 153 Avenue and east of 97 street. The Northeast Edmonton area can be designated as developments that are situated to the north of 153rd Avenue, with 97th Street as the major road division to the west, and an expected expansion towards the Manning Drive to the east.

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Although much of the land that makes up this sector had public and municipal usage, it was only acquired relatively recently for use in residential and commercial expansion.

Historically, Northeast Edmonton was First Nations People's land, including Cree and Chipeweyan hunting grounds. These are is exceedingly fertile due to large glacial deposits of minerals that were left from the Empress Formation.

In the 1800's fur trade in this section was very strong, as animals used the lakes and the grasslands for sustenance, and trappers followed to eventually settle the area. Towards the end of the 1800's, agriculture became a stronger economic force, and this was a dominant use land up until the mid 1900's. The energy crisis of the 1970's along with the discovery of oil and a higher demand for coal energy saw much of Northeast Edmonton with industrial usage, although some agricultural ventures remained. Around 1980, tracts of these properties were purchased by the city, for the main purpose of developing residential space for the expanding population and generating responsible building with interactive preservation.

While some of the Northeast Edmonton neighborhoods can trace establishment back to the 1960's, the majority of the territory was built up over the past several decades to include mostly residential and some commercial zoning. These relatively newer communities of Northeast Edmonton are made up of Brintnell, Hollick-Kenyon, Matt Berry, McConachie Area, Belle Rive, Crystallina Nera, Eaux Claires, Klarvatten, Lago Lindo, Mayliewen, Ozerna, and Schonsee.

Along with the incorporation and preservation of natural lands within the residential sectors, the plan for the Northeast Edmonton district was to create a design that was a safe and family friendly environment. This included establishing new educational facilities, both through Edmonton Public Schools and through private teaching institutions. Parents will find a number of accommodations for children in the area, including the Lago Lindo School, St. John Bosco School, the Mary Butterworth School, and the Florence Hallock School.

The residents in these developments will find that outdoor recreations play strongly into the lifestyle of Northeast Edmonton. Parks and lakes are neighborhood gathering spots for families and for inhabitants to get together. Local YMCAs, community leagues, and athletic parks also provide programs for events and activities that involve all ages within the sub-divisions.