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The area of Millwoods is located in southeast Edmonton and consists of a number of smaller communities that grew out of the development of mostly tribal lands. This area has a rich cultural history, and many of the communities are sites of heritage parks and centres. This area is within the city limits, and has a lot of natural beauty from parks and preserve grounds that landscape the area.

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Millwoods Town Centre Community Amenities & Features:

Millwoods is one of the larger residential subdivisions in Edmonton, and each of the communities in this area has a very unique feel and character. This is a part of the residential pride in the history of the area and may be seen in everything from options for dining to local architecture. The more commonly referred to area of Millwoods consists of the following neighborhoods: Bisset, Crawford Plains, Daly Grove, Ekota, Greenview, Hillview, Jackson Heights, Kameyosek, Kiniski Gardens, Lee Ridge, Menisa, Meyokumin, Meyonohk, Michaels Park, Minchau, Pollard Meadows, Richfield, Sakaw, Satoo, Tawa, Tipaskan, Town Centre, Tweedle Place, Weinlos, Larkspur, Laurel, Maple, Silver Berry, Tamarack, and Wild Rose.

This area began as agricultural land during the original settlement of the Edmonton area and serves as a small trading post outside the old fort. During the 1970's, expansion across the city led to the development of new suburbs, and many of these lands were further appropriated for city incorporation.

Much of the area that is the south part of Millwoods was initially populated by First Nations People, but became this changed as wildlife and plants began to decrease from trapping and tilling. Many of the community names are drawn from the Cree language and these communities still have a proud heritage of being original land.

Millwoods also saw settlement through many immigrant populations as the influx of people into Edmonton continued into the 1980's. Neighborhoods in this suburb show a distinct cultural mixing as different nationalities began to turn this area into smaller sections within the larger suburb.

Currently, Millwoods is one of the larger family oriented areas of our city. The creation of five new community leagues in 2011 was meant to ensure that further beautification and community building would continue among the residents. These leagues were also formed in areas where services such as childcare or land access were sparse, and event that are hosted within the sectors aid in raising funds for betterment.

Although not all communities in Millwoods have local schools, many of the areas do have environmental overlap and proximity, so neighborhoods share educational facilities, just as they share park lands and recreational establishments. Some of the schools in this area are A. Blair MacPherson School, St. John Paul I and the Academy of Learning College. This leads to a more cohesive feel within the Millwoods suburb, even though each community is very distinct. The cooperation is a commitment to further suburban renewal and is one of the reasons that many families find this are so welcoming.

Millwoods spans just over 178 square kilometers which allows for a lot of variability in environment and population, but it is considered one of the most consistently well kept suburbs in the Edmonton area. The population is expected to continue to rise by nearly 20% over the next five tears and further expansion to the east will create more family friendly neighborhoods with their own distinct feel.