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Downtown Edmonton is located centrally to the greater metropolitan area and is situated on the northern banks of the North Saskatchewan River. This section of the city is a thriving business and residential district that has some of the oldest developments in the city, but is undergoing much change and a new surge of highrise development. Much of the land was initially part of trade and agricultural settlements that were first incorporated in the late 1800's.

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Downtown Edmonton Community Amenities & Features:

Much of the land was initially part of trade and agricultural settlements that were first incorporated in the late 1800's. Later industrial development led to the formation of lumber and brick mills along the banks of the river, with residential neighborhoods cropping up in the vicinity.

In the mid 1900's, the industry of the region changed drastically, and while shipping was still an important part of the culture, many of the industrial segments of employment were moved further north and south along the river, while the residential parts of Downtown Edmonton became a hub for academic institutions, culture, and local politics. Along with commercial ventures such as retail and financial services, this created a larger shift, as the region become more focused on population rather than production.

Many of the neighborhoods of Downtown Edmonton experienced a further shift, as the jobs in oil drilling, coal mining, and fuel production generated bigger populations within the city and suburbs. While many of the Downtown communities of Downtown, Oliver, Rossdale, Boyle Street, McCauley, and Riverdale had already been well established, they all saw developmental growth through the 1950's and 1960's, with some of the communities continuing this trend into the present with the addition of many currently developing, new planned and proposed highrise towers as living in the city center becomes more popular with home buyers once again.

Educational facilities are abundant throughout the Downtown Edmonton section. While these include a number of higher learning institutions such as MacEwan University and NorQuest College, the sector is equally rife with schooling opportunities for younger children. Edmonton Public Schools serves the entire downtown area, and specific facilities include Oliver School, Boyle Street Education Centre, and Riverdale School.

Downtown Edmonton is a transportation hub, with bus services that connect throughout the suburbs and the NorthSouth LRT line. Station stops for this section of Edmonton include Central Station, Churchill Station, and Stadium.

Although the transportation facilities the ability of residents to explore attractions around all of Edmonton, the Downtown Edmonton area is also rich with entertainment, recreation, and culture. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy parks such as Riverdale Park, Dawson Park, and Louise McKinney Park, all of which are located on the river front. These wilderness preserves have kilometers of hiking trails and picnic spots, as well as boat launches. Community leagues around the downtown region also maintain sports parks, skating rinks, and outdoor swim clubs for members to engage in activity and fitness.

For residents who are more interested in cultural attractions, Downtown Edmonton shows its rich history throughout the communities. This includes structures like the Alberta Legislature Building, and exhibits at nearby Royal Alberta Museum. Commonwealth Stadium and Clarke Stadium are both within this suburb and host sporting events and musical shows and entertainment. Downtown Edmonton has a strong residential presence that is greatly boosted by a number of leisure activities that are close at hand.