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The Carlisle community is situated somewhat centrally in the greater Northwest Edmonton area and is bordered by Castledowns Road to the east. The commercial sector of Baranow is located to the west of this neighborhood, which gives residents immediate access to many shopping and business needs.

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Carlisle Community Amenities & Features:

Carlisle is one of the newer communities for this area, and much of the construction and development was begun shortly after the land was acquired in the 1970's. Building within this area has continued through the present day, but the community itself is considered fairly well establishes, as the street plan and vision for the neighborhood have been in place for decades.

This development has a general design that features a central park area with curved roads which encircle the open land. While some of the residential streets do follow a grid pattern, most of the roads include crescents and loops. Homes for sale in Carlisle are predominately Townhouses and duplexes, with well landscaped shared lots. Residents will find that foot travel within the community is pleasant and safe, and that bus stops are located along the border roads.

Carlisle is considered to be very family friendly, and Carlisle Park offers all residents a good space for outdoor recreations. This includes sporting pitches, running tracks, skating rinks and playground equipment. Both St. Timothy School and St. Timothy Catholic Elementary School can be found in this central location, and they are well rated for teaching services. The incorporation of natural features into the residential environment makes Carlisle a peaceful and safe neighborhood, that can be ideal for families and for single professionals.