Sweetly will buy your active listing, so that your clients can move onto whatever's next.

Never let a listing expire! Never let your client lose the house they love because they can't sell the one they own. Sweetly can help, and you can even keep your current listing active.

Please tell us a bit about your clients' situation.

Advantages For You:



We can provide an unconditional commitment to buy your listing within days. Your client can focus on what's next.

We Share Commisssion

We Share Commisssion

When we buy and resell your clients listed home, we’ll resell it, and YOU can list it for us! We pay 1% on the value of the sale (roughly 50% of full commission).

More Closed Deals

More Closed Deals

Sweetly offers ‘out of the box’ programs to provide a fair and unconditional sale for your clients’ property which empowers them to make non-contingent winning offers on their next home – with you!

Advantages For Your Clients:



Sweetly makes it easy for clients sell for Maximum Value without public showings. Customers choose their own possession date, and may even buy their next home before selling their current home – No more condition-to-sale of buyers’ home.

We Share Commisssion


Knowing for certain that the house is SOLD! Your client can make a strong, winning offer on their next home - with you!

More Closed Deals

Save Money

Sweetly provides certainty of a sale, and flexibility for a customer to choose/change the possession date. There’s no need to settle for a home that’s not perfect or moving twice and placing valuables in storage.

The Basic Sweetly Advantages

Putting your client into their perfect home before they sell their old one is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


Clients can choose the program that works best for them.

Sweetly actually ‘buys’ the clients’ property on a day they choose. With the owners permission, Sweetly invests up to $25,000 on the right improvements to ensure the home shows its best and sells for Maximum Value. We can also offer an equity advance to help clients buy their next home; we even offer a Swap to help customers move into their new home without paying the bills on two homes at the same time.

Choose the program
Monthly Payments

Sweetly makes all the monthly ownership payments on the previous home.

We take care of the holding costs on the home to be sold. Your client only has to make payments on their new property, offering additional financial flexibility.


Sweetly resells the property we buy on the open (MLS®) market.

When we purchase a home, we (often) make the improvements that increase the price and appeal. Then we list it on MLS® - with you! 

Full Service

What Agents Are Saying

...I recently had and experience with a cooperating brokerage that I thought was worthy of sharing... it is an option for us to use to better serve our clients' best interests... Sweetly provides an option for us as agents to cooperate with and allow our clients to proceed forward on those occasions when it seems that everything else is falling apart.

... within a day we had an offer (from Sweetly)... we had a firm deal in place so that my clients could proceed with their purchase...

...[Sweetly] provided an out clause in the contract so that if the seller accepted another offer prior to closing, they could cancel and sell to another buyer... I was able to secure another buyer and... Sweetly never ended up having to purchase the home.

...my clients would have lost their dream home.

This option can also work for people who have a sale of a home condition...

Sweetly can come in and purchase the home for sale...

I'm grateful (the model) existed to help my clients achieve their real estate dream.

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