Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sweetly?
Sweetly real estate is a fully licensed real estate brokerage. Sweetly can provide the traditional services of any real estate brokerage. However, Sweetly uses our unique market position offer solutions that to help make selling, buying easier and far less stressful for our customers.
Does Sweetly profit from the difference between the price it pays, and the price it sells my property for?
No. Sweetly is NOT a buy low, sell high investor interested in ‘flipping’ your home for a profit. All our programs pay owners all of their equity from a full exposure (MLS®) market sale – just like any other open market sale. Because we buy the home first you get to choose your own move-out day. And once we sell the home at market value (after you’ve moved out) you’ll receive a second payment for the balance of your equity less our service fee.
Where does Sweetly currently buy homes?
Sweetly is currently buying homes in every major center in Alberta, and we are based in Edmonton.
What kind of property will you buy, not buy?
Sweetly currently buys single family houses with a basement, with above grade area of 800 square feet or more. We don’t currently buy condominiums, mobile, commercial, rural, or recreational property. We also don't serve communities with a population of less than 5000 at this time.
How does Sweetly make money?
Sweetly makes money on the fee we charge – Not on the difference between what we buy/sell for.
What if I have more questions?
Call us! Our number is 780-477-9338.